Our company hired Jay shortly before trial to present our claim for stolen computer equipment.  Due to his skillful presentation, we were awarded every penny we sought and our attorneys’ fees.  Jay pressed judgment enforcement and we collected every penny.  Jay is sharp, tenacious, confident and has all the qualities we needed to have our day in court. read more


When the late Forbes 400 oil man and Hollywood mogul Marvin Davis died, I was confronted with multi-million dollar claims by a family member and refusals to honor my employment contract. Jay Spillane faced down a half dozen of the largest law firms in the country. He obtained dismissal of the claims against me and also secured my contract rights. He literally saved my family from financial ruin. read more


I was involved in high stakes litigation in state and bankruptcy courts involving ownership of hotels throughout the nation. I turned to Jay Spillane. Jay skillfully and aggressively represented our interests, which helped us achieve great results. read more


Our company, an Internet service provider, was faced with bet-the-company federal claims of secondary liability for alleged infringements on client websites. Jay Spillane obtained dismissal of the claims and affirmance of the dismissal before the court of appeal. The decision Jay obtained protects our company to this day. read more


Jay Spillane handled four of our motion picture cases with extreme mastery of the facts, industry custom and the law. We give Jay’s firm our highest recommendation. read more


My clients and I use Jay Spillane’s firm for complicated entertainment industry cases. Jay understands the industry and is a smart and aggressive advocate. read more


Our firm focuses on business reorganization and bankruptcy. When complex trial issues arise in or outside of bankruptcy court, I know I can rely on Jay and Spillane Trial Group to jump in and provide the highest level of representation for our clients. Jay understands the ins and outs of trial advocacy and how to achieve results for clients in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. read more


Our investment holding companies were faced with a series of unjustified claims by well-heeled adversaries represented by a national firm. Jay and Spillane Trial Group obtained an unbroken series of wins in bankruptcy, arbitration and state court that enabled us to reach a favorable resolution. Jay Spillane can take on the toughest cases against the biggest firms. read more


We needed to bring in separate trial counsel for a related party where we were defending a high stakes elder abuse and fraud case. We turned to Jay Spillane. His forceful advocacy and mastery of the courtroom helped us obtain an 11-1 jury verdict in favor of our clients on all counts. I would recommend Jay to anyone looking for experienced and effective counsel in bet-the-company litigation. read more


UNICOM, a global mainframe software company, has used Jay Spillane for hard-fought licensing and infringement cases against Fortune 500 corporations. Jay was able to explain technical computing and licensing issues to the judge and jury in compelling and understandable terms. We highly recommend Jay’s firm for tough and complex cases. read more