Spillane Trial Group Sponsors Silicon Beach Fest 2013

In June, Spillane Trial Group was pleased to be among the sponsors of the second annual Silicon Beach Fest, the area’s largest technology startup festival that highlights the rapidly growing tech entertainment sector in Los Angeles. The festival celebrated the collaboration springing up between entertainment technology and Hollywood through panel presentations, parties, demos, startup pitches and events June 19-22 at various locations along the beach in Venice and Santa Monica.

The festival was organized by Digital LA founder Kevin Winston, who was inspired by Austin’s South by Southwest conference. Digital LA is a Los Angeles entertainment and technology organization that hosts weekly networking events.

“I got back [from South by Southwest] and was like, ‘Why don’t we have anything in L.A. that celebrates the tech scene here?’” Winston told Los Angeles Times reporter Andrea Chang. “This isn’t meant to duplicate South by Southwest; it is a tech fest that celebrates the unique industries that we have in Los Angeles.” See, “Silicon Beach Fest Celebrating LA Tech Scene Kicks Off Wednesday.”

Silicon Beach attracted about 3000 attendees.  One of the highlights of the event was rooftop streaming of participants and interviews by Amanda Coolong, founding partner and COO of online technology publication Tech Zulu.

 “As a veteran of the acrimony between Silicon Valley and Hollywood that arose from the desire to exploit and distribute content along new platforms warring with the need to protect copyrighted and proprietary material, I’m encouraged by the cooperation I see between Silicon Beach and Hollywood,” said Jay Spillane, a new media and intellectual property litigator and founder of Spillane Trial Group. “I believe the Silicon Beach startup community’s approach is progressive and something I want to get behind.”