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Business Trial Services

Spillane Trial Group PLC is devoted to trying and winning business trials. We handle cases before state, federal and bankruptcy courts, courts of appeal and arbitral and administrative tribunals.

We do not merely shuffle paper during the pretrial process with the end goal of steering the client into settlement. We begin and end every engagement with the singular goal of prevailing at trial. Our focused and aggressive approach results in superior settlements where they can be achieved. Where they cannot, we have a fine track record of trying and winning cases.

We are hired by private clients to handle “bet the company” cases, ones who prefer our focused, cost effective and responsive service. We are experienced in trying cases involving entertainment, intellectual property, technology, finance, real estate, bankruptcy disputes, securities, directors and officers liability, family wealth and company control.

Our cases are not limited to California. We try cases throughout the country in cooperation with local counsel. We are experienced in steering litigation involving multiple actions, across multiple jurisdictions and with multiple counsel.