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Legal Troubles Overhang Presidential Election

This presidential election cycle is groundbreaking in so many different respects.  The one respect that intersects my world is the degree to which each presumptive nominee’s campaign is dogged by ongoing legal battles.

Hillary Clinton has been beset for months by criticism over her exclusive use of a personal email server to conduct State Department business, when according to State Department policy she should have used a government email address and government server.  The problem was not merely technical, because when she left the State Department she did not turn over her emails to the government.  Thus, when the emails were sought by subpoena in connection with the Benghazi affair, the process of reviewing and turning over responsive emails was in the hands of Clinton staff rather than the government.  read more

Civility in the Courtroom

I have four children.  Two are older.  For them, the parenting I was able to impart is in the rear view mirror.  I have two younger ones as well.  So, I’m getting a second chance at parenting.  Among the most important lessons I try to teach is to treat others as you would like to be treated, including saying “please” and “thank you” as much as possible.

I attended a christening at which the parish priest told the gathered that children watch us, very intently, and do what we do, not what we say to do.  Thus, he said, if we say one thing and do another, we teach our children that it is okay to be a hypocrite. read more