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Business Litigation in Bankruptcy Court

It is hard to read the legal news these days, especially concerning entertainment, without reading about the spectacle of Relativity Media.  Relativity was dubbed the “next-generation global media company” by founder Ryan Kavanaugh, a “helicopter-flying, high-living mogul.”  Kavanaugh claimed to have reinvented the movie business with algorithms that minimized the risk of film slates, yet Relativity filed for bankruptcy protection on July 30, 2015, disclosing assets of $560 million but liabilities of more than $1.18 billion.  (See “Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh Breaks Silence, Points Fingers in Emotional Post-Bankruptcy Interview (Exclusive).”)  Relativity is pushing to quickly auction most of its assets.  (See “Relativity Media Files Bankruptcy; Film and TV Units for Sale.”)  read more